Five good things that happened in trucking this week—Jan. 7

If the pandemic has proven anything, it’s that the trucking industry is one of the most flexible industries around. It can adjust to any crisis. This week, when a weather emergency shut down a major East Coast highway and left drivers stranded for hours with no food or water, was no different. Showing–not just telling–the true generosity of the industry, here are five good things that happened in trucking this week.

Truckers come to the aid of stranded drivers in Virginia blizzard

During the blizzard that hit the Virginia region and left drivers stuck on Interstate 95 for hours with no food or water, a long-haul trucker Jean-Carlo Gachet, with a two-day supply of food in his cab, provided his neighbor who had been stuck on the road for seven hours with a hot meal and a beverage.

“He was shocked when I–when he opened the door at first, and you know, I was saying, ‘Hey, I just made you a hot breakfast and a cup of fruit punch,'” Gachet told CNN from the cab of his vehicle, still unable to move along I-95 in Virginia. Headed south to Georgia, Gachet had left his home near Richmond with several days of food in his truck and was stuck on I-95 near Dale City, Virginia, since 1 a.m. Tuesday morning.

He used his microwave and heated up a bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast bowl. Canadian trucker Matt Marchand–My World Through a Windshield (@myworldtaw)–reported on Twitter that a nearby Tesla driver was worried about running out of power in the 19-degree cold. In his tweet he said, “[The driver is] a nice guy who was worried about his kids.

I gave him some water, a spare blanket, and a thermal/mylar blanket.”

TCA grants 2021 Fleet Safety Awards 

The Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) announced the 18 division winners in the 46th Annual TCA Fleet Safety Awards competition, which identify truckload carriers that have demonstrated unparalleled commitment to safety through presenting the lowest accident frequency ratios per million miles in each of six mileage-based divisions. The 18 division winners are to compete for one of two grand prizes–one for carriers with a total annual mileage less than 25 million miles, and the other for carriers with mileage greater than 25 million miles. Grand prize winners will be announced at Truckload 2022: Las Vegas–TCA’s 2022 Annual Convention–set for March 19-22, and all winners also will receive recognition at TCA’s 2022 Safety & Security Meeting on June 5-7.

“TCA’s members continue to show that prioritizing safety is the best business decision,” said TCA President John Lyboldt. “We are extremely honored to recognize these 18 companies for their impressive safety records over the last year, and we look forward to presenting them with these awards at our upcoming Annual Convention in March.” Click here to find out the winners of the 2021 Fleet Safety Awards.

Rigs without Cigs program now free, thanks to new sponsor

St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund‘s program, Rigs without Cigs, is dedicated to helping truck drivers quit smoking.

That program is now completely free–thanks to Edge Logistics, the program’s newest sponsor.  Edge Logistics offers transportation management solutions out of the Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, and New York area.  Rigs without Cigs is an incentive based program to help truckers not only to stop smoking, but to permanently kick the habit. RoadPro Brands provides prizes for those who successfully reach each step of the program, such as RoadPro 12 Volt Cooler, RoadKing 950 Bluetooth Headset, RoadKing RK CB Classic CB Radio, and more.

Sign up for Rigs without Cigs today.

Freestyle Transport claims ‘Everyday Heroes’ T680 Next Gen

The “Everyday Heroes” Kenworth T680 Next Generation was auctioned recently at Ritchie Bros. in Perris, California. The winning bid, submitted by Serg Kodryanu, CEO of Freestyle Transport, resulted in £260,000 in support for Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT). The 501(c)3 nonprofit is dedicated to stopping human trafficking by educating, mobilizing, and empowering the nation’s truck drivers and rest stop employees.

In addition to the proceeds raised by the sale of the Kenworth T680 Next Gen, TAT received £68,000 in additional donations from industry suppliers and trucking companies. “Truckers Against Trafficking is an incredible organization that is utilizing our industry to help victims of human trafficking,” Kodryanu said. “After I learned the numbers of how many victims have been affected by human traffickers, I immediately felt it in my heart to make it our company’s mission to support such a great and noble cause as TAT and its mission to stop this terrible crime. “With drivers and other members of our industry spread throughout North America, we have a great opportunity to identify and report suspicious activity and help potential human trafficking victims,” Kodryanu added. “Our new Everyday Heroes truck will help us spread awareness of human trafficking to other drivers and communities across the country.”

Trucking combines support for tornado victims 

In December, a deadly tornado outbreak ripped through six states, including Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee, leaving dozens dead and decimating entire towns.

To support the victims and others impacted by the storm, the trucking industry gathered emergency aid such as food, water, medicine, and shelter.

Here’s a look at just a few of the many who stepped up to help their communities.