Truck Platooning Market Top Key Players- Daimler AG, Volvo AB, MAN Truck & Bus AG, Scania AB, Iveco S.p.A., DAF N.V., Belarus, Mercedes Benz, MAZ, KrAZ, Peloton Technology

Truck platoons use communication technology and automated driving assistance systems to connect two or more vehicles in a convoy. When these cars connect to each other on a specific part of the road (such as a highway), they automatically maintain a fixed small gap. A car that follows the lead car.

The truck in front of the platoon acts as a commander and the vehicle behind it reacts and adapts to changes in movement, requiring little or no driver effort. In the first case, the driver always maintains control so that he can leave the platoon and drive alone.
Truck platoons can make road transport safer, cleaner and more efficient in the future. As a result, truck manufacturers are eager to introduce these platoons to European highways, and the first real-world trials are already underway.

Truck platoons save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions. Because the truck can move closer, friction from aerodynamic drag is greatly reduced. Platoons can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 16% in the next vehicle and up to 8% in the leading vehicle.

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GLOBAL TRUCK PLATOONING MARKET DYNAMICS As Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) attempt to resume production with large investments in the market, increasing demand for powerful vehicles with more payload and powerful suspension systems capable of carrying weight, stringent laws and regulations on carbon dioxide emissions as well as There is a growing demand for fuel fuel trucks as well. The European Authority for Vehicle Control and Safety has set new fuel economy standards for large vehicle engines fueled by diesel, natural gas and other fuels.

Truck Platoon technology is investing heavily in industrialized regions such as Europe and North America to meet the diverse needs of people. The main drivers of the European market development are technological improvements such as the use of IoT integration and the introduction of stringent legislation such as the EU General Safety Regulation (ACEA) requirements for vehicle safety. GLOBAL TRUCK PLATOONING MARKET SEGMENTATION

The Global Truck Platooning Market can be segmented into following categories for further analysis. By Truck Application o Light Duty Trucks
o Medium Duty trucks
o Heavy Duty Trucks
o Common Usage Trucks
o Military Trucks

By Truck Platooning Type o Autonomous Truck Platooning
o DATP By System Type

o Adaptive Cruise Control
o Automated Emergency Braking
o Blind Spot Warning
o Forward Collision Warning
o Global Positioning System
o Human Machine Interface
o Lane Keep Assist By Type of Consumption o Automatic Crash Notification
o Emergency Calling
o Navigation and Infotainment

By Regional Classification o Asia Pacific Region – APAC
o Middle East and Gulf Region
o Africa Region
o North America Region
o Europe Region
o Latin America and Caribbean Region COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE

A safe situation is only possible with a platoon with a dispatcher. This is because the dispatcher’s reaction time is faster than the human driver’s reaction time. However, the security posture is still under investigation due to the potential risks associated with communication failures.

These risks also underscore the need to improve the reliability of systems that perform these types of tasks. With the development of the Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication (V2V) system, Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control (CACC) was introduced, which became the cornerstone of building a truck platoon. COMPANIES PROFILED

o Daimler AG
o Volvo AB
o MAN Truck & Bus AG
o Scania AB
o Iveco S.p.A.
o DAF N.V.
o Belarus
o Mercedes Benz
o KrAZ
o Peloton Technology Information: Contact:
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