Fuel protest nothing to do with IRHA

The Irish Road Haulage Association (IRHA) has dissociated itself from the group known as the Irish Truckers & Haulage Association, which is organising a rolling protest against spiralling fuel prices on Wednesday, November 24 morning.

  The Irish Truckers & Haulage Association will be holding a protest against fuel prices. It is understood a large convoy from the South East of the country will meet at the Coynes Cross Service Station at 6am for a 6.45 departure, where they will make their way to Dublin.

Commuters are being urged to take an alternative route or leave earlier than normal in order to avoid any delays. In a statement issued to HGVIreland.com the IRHA said: “The Irish Road Haulage Association would like to make it clear that it has no affiliation or partnership with this group known as Irish Truckers & Haulage Association against fuel prices.” “This group have copied and pasted to their social media page press statements, sentences of radio interviews from our President and have copied and pasted our Logo from one of our members news articles.”

“They are posting these items to their social media site without knowing the fullness of detail.

This is a fringe group and has nothing to do with the Irish Road Haulage Association.”

Fuel protest nothing to do with IRHA