Chamisul appears at Eiffel Tower… Global truck wraps advertisements are also operated

Seoul [South Korea], October 27 (ANI/Global Economic): Hite Jinro announced on the 26th that it is operating Chamisul wrap advertising trucks in 20 European countries, including the Netherlands, Germany, and France, to expand its brand awareness. Hite Jinro is the only Korean liquor company that operates vehicle wraps for global consumers.
Chamisuls’ wrap advertising trucks running in Europe is scheduled to operate for about two years from June last year. A total of four trucks will travel about 2,400km a week and 250,000km for two years.

The wrap advertising trucks are introducing two Chamisul products and four fruit soju products.

Based on the fact that all six products have different colours, the has the slogan ‘Pick your colour.’
Hwang Jung-ho, executive director of Hite Jinro‘s overseas business division, said, “We will carry out various marketing activities suitable post-COVID-19 era to promote Korean soju products to European consumers and introduce the excellent quality of Korean liquors.” (ANI/Global Economic)